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We empower youth basketball players to own their skills training

As a member of Hoop Academics, you'll be developed within a hybrid basketball training model that encourages autonomy while demanding accountability.
Why Hoop Academics

On average, youth basketball players meet with their skills trainer for 1-2 hours per week in a one-on-one setting with no game context and no accountability outside of their meet ups.

This training routine can take you months, or even years, to see measurable improvement in your game performance. While there is value in one-on-one training, it shouldn't be relied on as a single source of truth.

At Hoop Academics, you learn team-critical skills in a group setting while developing your individual skills remotely via our mobile training app. By combining the in-person connection with at-home accountability, you'll get the in-game results you want faster.

Who we train

Hoop Academics is divided into Middle School (13U-14U) and High School (15U-17U) divisions.

Middle Schoolers should have 1+ years of competitive team experience. If you don't meet this criteria, we'd still like to meet you and see if it's a good fit.

High Schoolers should have 3+ years of competitive team experience to be considered for a spot in the club.

Where we train

The Courts Sports Complex, 11295 Washington St, Northglenn, Colorado 80233

What you get

Your membership pays for 2 group workouts per month and 2 at-home workouts per week. We schedule 4-6 group sessions every 30 days to give you flexibility to choose when you attend.

You can sign up for an UNLIMITED number of group workouts. However, you must attend at least 2 per month in order to maintain your spot in the club.

Improve your individual skills in-between workouts

At-home training started as a way to help players like you stay active during COVID-19 shutdowns. Today, we use it as a way to fill the gap between group sessions.

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Complete 4 at-home workouts every 2 weeks. You decide what days to train.


At-home workouts are customized to suit the needs of our players - no templates.


Players need to have access to a hoop, basketball, and mobile device. That's it.

Meet your coaches

Mychal Martinez
Mychal Martinez
Owner & Colorado Director
Mychal led The Meadows School (NV) to 4 straight state championships. At Yavapai Community College he started 40+ games and finished his college career at top 25 ranked UNLV.
The past 10 years Mychal has helped Colorado's top players and programs improve their skills. He's directly mentored 25+ clients that have successfully made the jump to the college ranks.
Courtney Douglass
Courtney Douglass
Minnesota Director
Bio coming soon!

Workout schedule

Group workouts are held at The Courts Sports Complex.

Player Photos
Player Photos
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Player Photos
Player Photos
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Client reviews

"I started with Mychal in 2019. I was a good shooter, but lacked the skills to play DI. In 2 years, he gave me the tools I needed to play at the next level and also invested in me as a person. I consider him to be one of my greatest mentors."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Grace Moyers University of Wyoming
Grace Moyers
University of Wyoming

"I played in Qatar on a career-saving contract in 2016. I trained with Mychal in the offseason and averaged 20 and 10 the next year on a team in Finland and then made the 1st pro league in France."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Mike Moser Oregon Women's Basketball Assistant Coach
Mike Moser
Assistant at University of Oregon

"Mychal is always striving to help those committed to getting better. We are grateful for his work with Ashten and for getting her ready for her first season at Stanford. It really paid off."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Ashten Prechtel Stanford Women's Basketball
Elayne Prechtel
Mom of Ashten Prechtel

"Every workout I was pushed to my limit and often over my limit. I appreciated how much thought was put into every workout and how my personal goals were incorporated."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Megan Skaggs Central Missouri Women's Basketball
Megan Skaggs
D2 All-American, Central Missouri

"Working with Mychal the past 6 years has taught me how to hold myself accountable and be more confident. He coaches in a strict, but passionate manner that's inspiring to players. He's a big reason I'm playing at Creighton."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Tatum Rembao Creighton Women's Basketball
Tatum Rembao
Creighton University

"Mychal has worked with pro's, top collegiate talent, and prep stars but has also effectively worked with beginners. He's the best in the Rocky Mountain Region and is the first recommendation I make to anyone in Colorado."

Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star
Luke Duckett Illinois Men's Assistant Basketball Coach
Luke Duckett
Assistant at Illinois College

"Mychal is the best trainer CO has to offer. He has taught me so much over 6 years and he's always willing to learn right along with me. I'm playing college basketball now and he's played a big role in my journey to the next level."

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Avery Rembao Western State Men's Basketball
Avery Rembao
Western State University
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